Tasty? We’ll See: 2 Ingredient Chocolate Cake!

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2 ingredient chocolate cake

Welcome to the first installment of my Tasty? We’ll See! series. I know I told you about this idea a looooong time ago. So long, in fact, that you probably forgot all about it. Sorry! The only thing I can say is that babies take up a lot of time and I am still getting used to juggling all my responsibilities when most everything gets pushed to a lower priority than snuggling my sweet baby all day. I know, rough life, right? Anyway:

2 Ingredient Chocolate cake?! Say whaaaaaat?

This recipe appealed to me for a few reasons:
1) I had all the ingredients on hand (chocolate chips and eggs)
2) I was exhausted from a crazy bootcamp workout I had just finished a couple hours previous and the lack of steps meant that I wouldn’t have to use my super sore arm muscles for that much stirring
3) It’s basically like eating protein chocolate? So….. I don’t feel like it was counter-productive after my workout.
4) In theory, you could use any kind of chocolate you have on hand, so versatility is a plus. You could obviously spice it up a little with some cinnamon or a little bit of peanut butter

While making this recipe, I was skeptical and not exactly sure how I felt about it. I mean, is it easy? Yes. Is it convenient? Sort of.  Putting it together was easy and weird, but it takes 30 minutes to bake. So, I feel like it would really depend on your reasons behind baking this. If your sugar addiction resembles a heroin addiction, this clearly would take too long to satisfy you. If you are in it for a “cheating clean” benefit or the fact that it’s GF appeals to you, this would be a great little dessert to get you through your miserable Monday. In no way would this cake be stackable, or easy to frost, so using it for anything other than a quick treat would be difficult. It actually fell apart while I was transferring it out of the pan, so definitely not the most stable of cakes.

As far as taste goes, I was pleasantly surprised! It was really rich, satisfying, and it tasted like cheat day. I actually wrote a different review before I tasted it, fully expecting it to be nothing special, and I had to change it! I will actually probably make this again soon! Baking it for exactly 30 minutes made it slightly under baked in my oven which made it melty and perfect!

Husband Review:
“Really good! Surprisingly good! Light and fluffy, as to be expected.”

My final verdict is 4/5 stars! Excuse me while I go eat the rest of it while my husband is distracted playing PUBG.


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