Best Ever Buttercream Frosting

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The best homemade buttercream frosting recipe

Frosting. Is there any other reason to eat cake? As a late Christmas present to you all, I am going to share my go-to buttercream recipe. Most of the ingredients are in the name!

2 sticks of unsalted butter (room temp)
4 Cups powdered sugar (sifting optional)
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
1-3 Tablespoons Heavy whipping cream

In a stand mixer using the paddle, cream butter on high speed for 3 min. Add the sugar, and mix on low-med speed until the sugar and butter are a little bit incorporated. Add vanilla and cream and mix on high speed for at least 2 min. If you want to add color, I would do so now. Pipe onto cupcakes, spoon directly into mouth, whatever. I’m not the Frosting Police…

The best thing about this frosting is how versatile it is! Add more cream for a less stiff frosting, add more sugar for stiffer frosting, perfect for decorating! Add 2-4 Tbs of cocoa powder to make it chocolate frosting! Use salted butter to make it less sweet. Whatever! The world is your cake oyster.



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